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23 October, 12:00

Sochi Autodrom, Sochi

RDS GP 2021

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Who’s gonna win the RDS GP 2021? Let’s find out together!



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Short version
RDS GP 2021 Round 7. October 16-17. Sochi / Sochi Autodrom. Short version
Who’s gonna win the RDS GP 2021? Let’s find out together!
TOP 16
RDS GP 2021 Round 7. October 16-17. Sochi / Sochi Autodrom. TOP 16 - Final
Who’s gonna win the RDS GP 2021? Let’s find out together!
TOP 32
RDS GP 2021 Round 7. October 16-17. Sochi / Sochi Autodrom. TOP 32
Who’s gonna win the RDS GP 2021? Let’s find out together!
RDS GP 2020. Round 3: IGORA DRIVE (St. Petersburg)
For the first time ever — RDS GP goes to the recently built IGORA DRIVE track in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Full Round
Who’s gonna win the RDS GP 2020? Let’s find out together!
Full round
RDS GP 2020. Round 5. Atron (Ryazan)
RDS GP 2020 is back to the famous Atron International Circuit!
RDS GP 2020. Round 4 (ADM Raceway - Moscow Region)
And here we are again with the second Moscow round of RDS GP 2020!
Short Version
RDS GP. Round 2 (NRING): Short Version
Short Version
RDS GP. Round 3 (Igora Drive): Short Version
Short Version
RDS GP. Round 4 (ADM Raceway): Short Version
Short Version
RDS GP. Round 5 (2nd Ryazan): Short Version
RDS GP 2020. Round 2: NRING (Nizniy Novgorod)
NRING is finally here to welcome our pilots for the Round Two of RDS GP 2020!
Short Version
RDS GP. Round 1 (Atron - Ryazan): Short Version (ENG)
TOP 16
RDS GP 2019. Round 1
RDS GP 2019 is back to the Moscow Raceway. Click here to watch the TOP 16 and the grand finale.
TOP 16
RDS GP 2019. Round 2
Second stage of the RDS GP 2019 is waiting for you with the famous “magnet-wall”.
TOP 16
RDS GP 2019. Round 3
RDS event once again gathers the best drift pilots & the most powerful and vibrant sports cars. Round 3 at the NRING circuit is here!
TOP 16
RDS GP 2019. Round 4
Who’s gonna get the shiny trophy for the second round of RDS GP 2019?
TOP 16
RDS GP 2019. Round 5
RDS Grand Prix is once again back to the famous Red Ring, the home of the RDS GP two-time champion Georgiy Chivchyan.
TOP 16
The long-awaited grand finale of the RDS GP 2019 at the famous Sochi Autodrom race track.
Full Round
RDS Moscow Cup: Full Round
The first round of RDS GP 2020 is finally here!
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When subscribing to RDS TV you will get access to the RDS GP 2020 season LIVE streams. Either for one round or the whole season (based on the rate you choose).

Interviews with RDS pilots and judges, round highlights, short versions and reviews will also be available on the platform.

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  • What can I watch for free?

RDS GP Qualifying live stream, video archives of the previous season, as well as reviews and short versions (published shortly after each round) are available for free. To check out the Top 32 and Top 16 broadcasts, you are required to purchase the RDS TV subscription.

  • For how long is my access valid?

After purchasing a race weekend subscription, you will have access to the content for 30 (thirty) days.

When purchasing a season pass subscription you will get full access to the content of the 2020 season, which will expire following 30 (thirty) days after the end of the season.

  • If my 30-day access period is still running while another RDS round takes place, will I be able to watch it?

If you purchased a season pass subscription, you will have access to that new RDS GP round.

If your previous subscription is a 30-day race weekend access, to watch the next round, you are required to purchase another race weekend subscription.

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All LIVE broadcasts will be available in Full HD (1080p / 30fps). You can also choose the playback quality in the player: 1080p, 720p or 480p. Based on the connection speed, the video quality may also be automatically reduced to the optimum level.

RDS TV Billing & Payments

  • How much does it cost?

Standard subscription rates:

Race Weekend — 499 rubles.

Season Pass — 2999 rubles.

Archive Pass — 99 rubles monthly. 

Occasionally, RDS TV may introduce Early Bird and other promotional rates, which will allow you to purchase a subscription at a reduced price. Follow us on social to stay tuned for RDS TV special offers.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We accept all major payment methods: Yandex, WebMoney, bank transfers through the terminal or directly with Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB and MIR bank cards through the ЮKassa payment system.

  • I have a discount code. How do I use it?

To activate your promo code, enter it in Discount Code field («Промокод») on the payment page.

Discount codes are usually distributed as a part of promotional campaigns by our partners, pilots or RDS.

  • Is subscription auto-renewable?

The auto-renewal option is currently available only at "Archive" pass. To gain access to our future LIVE streams and broadcasts, you need to purchase a subscription for each RDS round.

  • How do I get a refund?

To cancel your RDS TV subscription, please fill out the Contact Us form, describing the reasons for the cancellation.

According to Russian legislation, the refund procedure is initiated once a relatable buyer’s request is received. Funds are returned by the same method they were initially paid (for example, to the bank card you used to pay for our services in the first place).

Accessing the RDS TV

  • Which devices can I use to access RDS TV?

You can access RDS TV via https://www.rds-tv.ru using a computer, Smart TV, smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices.

  • How many people can use my account?

Access to video content is possible only from one device at a time.

For instance, if you were watching an RDS GP livestream on your PC, but decided to log in on your phone or tablet, the access on your PC will be lost.

  • Can I watch RDS TV if I am outside of Russia?

Yes, you can. The geography of RDS TV is not limited.

  • Are there any LIVE stream reminders?

Yes. You will receive an email reminder about the broadcast 15 minutes before its start.

Watching RDS beyond the TV platform

  • Will you broadcast RDS GP on YouTube as usual?

No. Starting this year, all RDS GP live streams of will only be available here, on RDS TV

  • I am not ready to subscribe to RDS TV right now. Are there any other resources where I can watch the Grand Prix?

If you select not to subscribe to RDS TV, plenty of video content will be available on the official RDS YouTube channel sometime after the end of each round.

Reviews and short versions of the Grand Prix rounds will also be available at the platforms of our informational partners. In 2020, our media partners are Match! and Match.Strana (Матч! & Матч.Страна).

RDS will also continue to share with you the highlights of the past stages, photos and video reports on our social media.

  • I would like to host an RDS TV Live broadcast at my bar, restaurant or betting center.

If you want to organise a public viewing of RDS GP live stream, please fill out the form. Our team will contact you shortly.